Exp. No.

M1741 — Approved

Title of Experiment

MuSR studies of a n-type Ba(Zn1-xCox)2As2 and a p-type (La1-xBax)O(Cu1-yMny)S Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Spokesperson(s) for Group

Safety Coordinator(s) for Group

Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
C. Ding Zhejiang University Student (PhD)
F.L. Ning Zhejiang University Professor
Y.J. Uemura Columbia University Professor
S.C. Cheung Columbia University Student (PhD)
Shengli Guo Zhejiang University Student (PhD)
Z. Gong Columbia University Student (PhD)


Lots of p-type DMSs have been synthesized, but n-type DMSs are still few reported. Very recently, we successfully synthesized a n-type DMS Ba(Zn,Co)2As2. MuSR will be used to confirm the intrinsic magnetism, establish volume fraction and elucidate the spin dynamics. On the other hand, we have synthesized a high TC DMS (La,Ba)(Cu,Mn)SO which also needs investigation by MuSR.