Exp. No.

M1736 — Approved

Title of Experiment

Using MuSR to Disentangle Superconducting and Magnetic Orders in NaFeAs with Ni Doping

Spokesperson(s) for Group

Safety Coordinator(s) for Group

Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
S.C. Cheung Columbia University Student (PhD)
Z. Guguchia Paul Scherrer Institute Research Scientist
G.M. Luke McMaster University Professor
Y.J. Uemura Columbia University Professor
J. Beare McMaster University Student (PhD)
Y. Cai McMaster University Student (PhD)
P. Dai Rice University Professor
B. Frandsen University of California, Berkeley PDF
A.M. Hallas McMaster University Student (PhD)
C.Q. Jin Beijing Institute of Physics Professor
T. Munsie McMaster University Student (PhD)
D. Tam Rice University Student (PhD)
M.N. Wilson McMaster University Student (PhD)
Z. Gong Columbia University Student (PhD)


Iron-based superconductors are a large family of materials that exhibit unconventional superconductivity that arises from antiferromagnetically-ordered parent compounds. One of the grand challenges in understanding the behavior of these materials is determining the physical mechanisms responsible for the transition into the superconducting state. We propose to use MuSR to tease apart the magnetic and superconducting orders in NaFeAs with Ni doping.