Exp. No.

M1734 — Approved

Title of Experiment

Transition between localized- and itinerant-electron states in the solid-solution system of CaCu3Ti4􀀀xRuxO12

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Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
J. Sugiyama Toyota Central R&D Labs Senior Research
J.H. Brewer University of British Columbia Professor Emeritus
H. Nozaki Toyota Central R&D Labs Research Scientist
H. Sakurai Nat. Inst. Mat. Sci. Research Scientist
I. Umegaki Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. Research Scientist


A novel solid-solution system between CaCu3Ti4O12 and CaCu3Ru4O12 was synthesized using high-pressure synthesis technique. In order to search an exotic phase in the system and clarify the microscopic magnetic nature in the x range between 0.5 and 2.5, we wish to use a microscopic magnetic tool, i.e. muons.