Exp. No.

M1717 — Approved

Title of Experiment

A MuSR Investigation of the Mott-Insulating Pyrite Crystal NiS2 with Se Doping

Spokesperson(s) for Group

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Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
S.C. Cheung Columbia University Student (PhD)
G.M. Luke McMaster University Professor
Y.J. Uemura Columbia University Professor
J. Beare McMaster University Student (PhD)
Y. Cai McMaster University Student (PhD)
B. Frandsen University of California, Berkeley PDF
Z. Guguchia Paul Scherrer Institute Research Scientist
A.M. Hallas McMaster University Student (PhD)
S. Miyasaka Osaka University Professor
T. Munsie McMaster University Student (PhD)
M.N. Wilson McMaster University Student (PhD)
Z. Gong Columbia University Student (PhD)


Mott insulators are a family of materials in which strong electron-electron interactions beget an insulating state in systems that should be metallic according to traditional band theory. One of the grand challenges in understanding these correlated materials is characterizing the rich interplay among charge, lattice, orbital, and spin degrees of freedom in the specimen. We have recently concluded a successful MuSR study of rare-earth nickelate-based (RENiO3, with RE representing a rare earth element) Mott insulators and will extend our investigation to Ni(S,Se)2 to assess whether the phase transitions are driven by common mechanisms in these different classes of Mott insulators.