Exp. No.

M1680 — Approved

Title of Experiment

Low temperature µSR investigation of a new series of rare-earth kagome antiferromagnets

Spokesperson(s) for Group

Safety Coordinator(s) for Group

Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
J. Quilliam Universite de Sherbrooke Professor
A. Akbari-Sharbaf Université de Shebrooke PDF
Z. L. Dun University of Tennessee Student (PhD)
R. Sinclair University of Tennessee Student (PhD)
A. Verrier Université de Sherbrooke Student (Graduate)
H. D. Zhou University of Tennessee Professor
D. Ziat Université de Sherbrooke Student (Graduate)


The kagome lattice is the most promising geometry for the discovery of quantum spin liquids – exotic quantum entangled ground states of a magnetic system. Here we propose to perform µSR experiments on a new series of rare-earth kagome antiferromagnets, A2R3Sb3O14. Some of these materials appear to show spin liquid-like behaviour, whereas others show slow spin fluctuations or an ordering transition.