Exp. No.

M1612 — Approved

Title of Experiment

Investigations of Coatings and multilayers on Niobium

Spokesperson(s) for Group

Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
T. Junginger TRIUMF PDF
R.E. Laxdal TRIUMF Research Scientist
R. Dastley Univ. of Waterloo Student (Undergraduate)
M.H. Dehn Technical University of Munich Student (Graduate)
S. Gheidi University of British Columbia Student (Undergraduate)
R.F. Kiefl University of British Columbia Professor
P. Kolb TRIUMF Student (PhD)
W.A. MacFarlane University of British Columbia Professor
G.D. Morris University of British Columbia Research Scientist
S. Posen Fermilab Research Scientist
T. Tsuyoshi LANL Research Scientist
A.-M. Valente JLAB Research Scientist
Y. Zhongyuan TRIUMF Research Scientist


Superconducting niobium rf cavities are now reaching performances near fundamental limits. Materials are being developed to push accelerating gradients and quality factors beyond Niobium. We propose to use muSR to diagnose magnetic field flux entry, a potential rf loss mechanism for high amplitude fields, for three of the most promising new materials Nb3Sn, MgB2 and multi-layers of dielectrics and superconductors.