Exp. No.

M1424 — Approved

Title of Experiment

Magnesium Chemical Shift Measurements by 31Mg betaNMR

Spokesperson(s) for Group

Current Members of Group

Name Institution Status % of research time devoted to experiment
L. Hemmingsen University of Copenhagen, Chemistry Professor 10%
W.A. MacFarlane UBC, Chemistry Associate Professor 20%
M. Stachura PH Department, CERN PDF 30%
A. Chatzichristos University of British Columbia Student (Graduate)
K. Ghandi Mount Allison University Associate Professor 10%
A. Gottberg Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Madrid PDF 5%
Attila Jancso University of Szeged Assistant Professor
T. Junginger TRIUMF PDF
V. L. Karner UBC Student (Graduate)
R.F. Kiefl UBC, Physics Professor 5%
R.E. Laxdal TRIUMF Research Scientist
C.D.P. Levy TRIUMF Research Scientist 5%
R.M.L. McFadden University of British Columbia Student (PhD)
I. McKenzie TRIUMF, CMMS Research Scientist 5%
G.D. Morris TRIUMF Staff Member 5%
Stavroula Pallada CERN Student (PhD)
M.R. Pearson TRIUMF Research Scientist 10%
Roland K. O. Sigel University of Zurich, Switzerland Professor
Daniel Szunyogh University of Szeged, Hungary Student (PhD)
Peter W. Thulstrup University of Copenhagen Professor 5%


Using radioactive magnesium to study the local chemical environment of magnesium in biologically important contexts, e.g. where Mg is part of an enzyme.